66 Basilicas in 62 Cities!

I very much enjoy traveling. I like adventure, seeing new places, meeting new people, and immersing myself in a culture; I think it’s the Army brat in me. My boyfriend is the kind of guy who reminds me to just relax and enjoy a lazy day at home.

During late July in the summer of 2010, I announced that it was my new goal to visit all the basilicas in the United States at some point. He announced that he would be more than willing to accompany me. So off we go!

As of this blog post, there are 66 basilicas in 62 cities, although many of these are pretty close together (like in the New England area). You can see a map of those cities here. Those in purple we’ve visited.

Why try to visit all the basilicas? Well, I love photographing churches, although my timidness and respect for the Eucharist and others often prevents me from doing as good a job (or any job at all) as I would like sometimes. I thought about maybe visiting shrines in my area, but that seemed to be limiting myself too much. Cathedrals would be a good goal, but those can change. Basilicas are here forever; they typically have a cultural, historical, or spiritual influence that is part of the fabric of the Church’s history. As a Catholic convert, what more interesting way to gain some perspective on the Church’s place in our country than by visiting those places which have had significant impact on it?

We’re both young and have the time (at least right now) to occasionally steal away and visit somewhere new. Although I know Wikipedia and some of the basilicas homepages do a good job presenting information about their church, I’m hoping to bring back a first hand account about each basilica. Plus, it seems that some basilicas are woefully lacking pictures of their beauty for others to see online. I’d like to add to that repository as well. Hopefully you get to appreciate all this history and beauty through my posts too.


One thought on “66 Basilicas in 62 Cities!

  1. Yay! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Your photos are fantastic and I enjoyed reading up on their details! Can’t wait for basilica #2… 🙂

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