The List and Suggestions

I’ve added two new pages to the top – “The List” and “Suggestions”.

“The List” is going to be a running list of places I would like to go visit. Right now, it’s simply all of the basilicas. I have a private list that I need to move on over here so everyone else can see where I’d like to go too. It may even have a map associated with it some day!

“Suggestions” will be a place for people to suggest religious sites to visit (and I would very much appreciate those suggestions!). Doesn’t matter where they are (even overseas); I enjoy adventure, and will make every effort to go see it if possible! I’d appreciate it if you would check to make sure it isn’t already on the list though.

Any suggestions that get made will be moved onto the list. If you can provide a website (or at least a town and state) when suggesting somewhere, it would be much appreciated!


One thought on “The List and Suggestions

  1. I dropped in on your blog and couldn’t tear myself away! I read all of your posts and looked at every one of your lovely photographs. Your blog is fascinating and inspiring. I’m glad I found it!

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