Thoughts on Church Architecture

I’ve seen a few good posts over the past few months highlighting the importance of architecture in building Catholic churches. I thought I’d highlight a few of them.

From the Gulf Coast Catholic is a thoughtful piece entitled Why We Build Beautiful Chuches – 1. I’ll admit I kept from writing this post for a while because I kept waiting for a part 2, which isn’t here yet.

Secondly, Faith & Family Live’s Lisa Hendey recently visited the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (the real one) in DC. She’s posted her thoughts regarding beautiful churches versus more utilitarian ones, and what it is about church architecture that causes such an impression on us. Be sure to see the comments, where some people have posted their thoughts and churches they like.

Finally, I keep hearing about Duncan G. Stroik, an architect who specialize in Roman Catholic architecture (how cool is that?). Check out his portfolio of past and future projects – they are gorgeous. I have yet to go to any of these places, but I’ll (hopefully) be going to see the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in LaCrosse, WI soon. And if you need more reasons to like him, he did his undergraduate work in my home state of Virginia, and he wears a bow tie, which is a lost art.


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