Wordy Posts

I have to apologize in advance for the more-wordy, less-pictury posts that will dominate for the next month or so. As Wisconsin finally climbs out of winter (and my semester is almost over!), I was looking forward to going out and taking more pictures, visiting more places. Alas, my car managed to total itself last Thursday, and I’ll be car-less for at least a month as I shop around and whatnot.

That being said, if I can figure out how to load all my equipment on the bus without hurting myself, perhaps I can go shoot some of the beautiful historic churches we have in downtown Madison! Although you won’t see Wikipedia pages for them anytime soon, they’re still gorgeous. Random fact: Madison is the seat of our diocese, but we’re currently minus one cathedral. Saint Raphael’s Cathedral was destroyed by arson in 2005 (well before I showed up here). Bishop Morlino announced in 2007 his intent to rebuild a larger cathedral on the same spot, but no plans have really been developed. Until that happens, our bishop tends to call the two historical churches nearby the cathedral site home, and we use some of the larger churches that are outside of the downtown area for the larger Masses. For example, my Rite of Election was held in another town that had a church large enough to hold us all.

So, there will be a bit of a delay in getting back to churches, but it’ll happen soon! Until then, enjoy the more informative posts…


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