69 Basilicas in 65 Cities!

There’s a new basilica in the US down in the Volunteer State! Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Saints Peter and Paul Church was approved for the status of minor basilica back in May. A Mass of Thanksgiving will be offered for the decision on October 22. You can read more about the story here. I’ve updated the list and the map – I’ll get around to Wikipedia eventually…

Sts. Peter and Paul Church (by Andrew Jameson)

Also, for those who have been keeping count, it has been 11 months since the last (and thus far, only) basilica for us. Yes, I cringe at that a little. If we only make it to one basilica a year, we’ll never finish! My boyfriend and I are in the process of making plans for a few in the upcoming months. I’m sure some of those plans will succeed and others won’t, but sometimes life gets in the way of making a good trip. I personally would like to see us make it to at least five between August of 2011 and 2012. We’ll see how well we do with that…


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