Happy Feast of the Assumption!

To my Catholic readers, Happy Feast of the Assumption! To everyone else, happy Monday! Alas, I have no Assumption (or Monday) photos of my own – I’ll have to remedy that before next year.

In related news, a new website launched today: VirtuousPla.net. The site is written and managed by several people, and aims to focus on the intersection of Catholicism and the lives of young adults. I’ll be contributing my thoughts over there from time to time, although it won’t change my blogging schedule here. For the most part, my posts at VirtuousPla.net won’t be related to religious sites, and I’ll only link to VirtuousPla.net posts here if they’re topical. But, I would highly recommend clicking over and checking it out! There’s a very talented group of contributors there that are sure to bring fresh insights on what it means to be a faithful Catholic in today’s world.


2 thoughts on “Happy Feast of the Assumption!

  1. happy assumption to you too! i was going to go up to champion today but i couldn’t get to mass in time & i’m not feeling the crowd scene, so i decided to go to indian lake instead… and i found your blog. i remembered it could be tricky finding the little shrine on the path, so thanks for the directions.

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