7 Quick Takes (vol. 13)

Welcome back, everyone! My apologies if you dropped in during my hiatus and saw the wreck that was this site. I think I have everything all put back together now though. To help me ease back into things around here, I thought I would present 7 Changes While I Was Gone for 7 Quick Takes. About half of these concern changes on the site itself, so if you’re in a reader, I suggest clicking through.

1 – Site Design

The most obvious change (at least for those of you visiting the site) is the design. I picked the initial design because it was minimalist. As I started to post more photos, I realized that the previous site design was a little too constricting for me. So, I’ve chosen something with a bit larger column width. The only thing I don’t like is the text color – please let me know if it’s unreadable and I need to find something with more contrast! I think the idea was to give more focus to the photos.

2 – Picture Format

As a result of Quick Take 1, I can now post bigger pictures! I’m also going to try to adhere to a new format for pictures. Since one of my primary goals with this blog is to improve my photography and how I share it, I plan to start imitating some of my favorite photo blogs in how they present photos – namely, larger, but it also imposes some constraints on me to make me more purposeful in composing my shots. Hopefully you all will give me feedback as to whether you like the new approach or not!

3 – Map

Under The List, I’ve added my Google Map of all the basilicas in the US, highlighting (in purple) the ones we have visited. I hope to expand this list in the coming days to be everywhere I have visited, as well as places I still want to visit. My reasoning behind this is to fulfill a void I have yet to find an application for on the internet…

I take many road trips in my car. These are mostly to visit friends and family, all of whom live in states far from my own. When I make these trips, I enjoy finding things to go see along the way. Alas, there’s no easy way to ask Google to find points of interest off of a route; instead, I’m reduced to manually checking individual cities. I always wished there was an easier way for me to find religious buildings I want to visit. Now if I save everywhere I want to go in my map, I can just glance at my map and see where I can visit!

Hopefully you all will find the map useful as well. It’ll be a different way to browse posts, but it could also come in useful if you’re taking a road trip.

4 – Guest Posts

Elizabeth of Starting the Day (not to mention a fellow VirtuousPlanet contributor)  wrote me at the end of August. She had the opportunity to visit Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia, and offered to share her experiences with some of the churches she visited out that way. Look for that in the coming day!

I think it would be great to have some guest contributions every once in a while. Even though I want to visit everywhere, I know that’s not exactly realistic. So for others to share about some religious buildings near them (and likely far from me) seems like a great compromise. I’ll post more about this later.

5 – Profile Picture

I put up a picture of myself! I’ve been meaning to do this forever. Those of you who have looked at other parts of my Flickr photostream know that I have a fondness for self-portraiture. But, I can’t say I enjoy taking candid shots of myself. The one I have up is likely a placeholder until I can take something that I like better.

6 – Header Image

I’m afraid I don’t have a graphically artistic bone in my body. But, plain text at the top looked boring, so I tried my hand at something a little better. Like the profile pic, expect it to change at some point when I get around to it!

7 – Up and Coming

Although I haven’t been posting, I have visited a few places in the past month (including two basilicas!). So, there are several interesting churches to look forward to in the coming weeks. I’m hoping to start stockpiling religious buildings as we inch closer to winter, as I am not a fan of driving in snow!

I should be back to my usual Tuesday/Friday schedule. Looking forward to posting regularly again!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes (vol. 13)

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share on your great blog!!

    Honestly, it is a little hard to read with the text color and black background. My eyes also get lost trying to find the title of the posts when I’m looking at your homepage.

    The way you presented The List is SO COOL! I do hope you get to visit all of them!

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