Basilica News Roundup (vol. 2)

What helps keep kids focused and involved during a vacation? Photography! The Washington Post has a great article on one journalist’s experience with helping his children feel like they got something out of their travels. Not having kids, I can’t attest to how well this works, but it sounds like a great idea.

If you live in California, I highly recommend checking out Churches Worth Driving To. Published by the California Catholic Daily, this feature is like a hyperlocalized version of this blog.

Look like St. Peter’s Square is getting a makeover. They are going to focus on restoring some of the major architectural features to their former glory, such as the obelisk and the fountains.

Here’s a sweet story about the Lil Friar, the gift shop by the Basilica of St. Josaphat’s. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to stop by when we visited the basilica.

Remember how the Washington National Cathedral was damaged from that earthquake in August? The Archdiocese of Washington donated $250,000 to help the DC icon be repaired. The Washington Hebrew Congregation also offered support by donating their worship space for a few Sundays while the Cathedral was being evaluated for damage.


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