Crystal Cathedral Sold to the Orange Diocese!

I was apparently premature in my last post about Crystal Cathedral. It turns out the Diocese of Orange will indeed take over the glass buildings and retrofit it into their new cathedral. I haven’t been following the story much anymore, since I thought Chapman University would get the sale. It turns out one of the deciding factors was how the church would be used for bringing people to Christ. Ultimately, Chapman University can’t promise that the building won’t be eventually turned over to secular purposes. The Catholic Church can.

You can read a much more thorough review of the outcome at Seasons of Grace.


2 thoughts on “Crystal Cathedral Sold to the Orange Diocese!

  1. My family lived in Orange County when I was young and my mom attended the Crystal Cathedral’s “Miracle of Easter” and “Miracle of Christmas” programs once. My dad even worked on the building (he’s in HVAC). I don’t really remember it myself, but when I told my mom about the possibility of the Church acquiring it, she was pretty excited. I’m interested to see how the Church makes it into a Cathedral.

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love the concept. I was a history major and buildings hold just SO MUCH history.

    • Thanks Mandi! I’ve always wanted to visit Crystal Cathedral. Now I’ll get to visit it for Mass. ^_^ And like you, it’ll be interesting to see how they convert the church into a cathedral (or even just a Catholic church!). Some day I’ll get some pictures to post here.

      Glad you’ve enjoyed this! I find the whole concept interesting too. ^_^ I’m hoping to get two more churches out before Christmas.

      Hope your little one is born soon! I know we’re all waiting. ^_^

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