2012 Goals

After my last post about how my boyfriend and I need a better plan for visiting basilicas, he emailed me with an ambitious plan of seven basilicas this summer. Since we live in separate states as students, summer is a good time for us to take an extra couple of days here and there for any day trips we may want to engage in. I’m going to be generous with his goal and give us all of 2012 to visit seven. His recommended list was finishing the states of Iowa (2), Illinois (really, Chicago – 3), and Indiana (2). But, I know we’ll be visiting Virginia once this summer, where we may see two, or maybe we’ll swap out some for the two in Minnesota (including the new one!). Of course, seven is only a recommended limit, and maybe we’ll do more – who knows.

Regardless, seven basilicas in 2012 plus the three we have already visited will put us one-seventh of the way done with the current basilica list. It’s certainly a start!

In other news, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut regarding the post I’ve been meaning to put up for months now on our trip to Holy Hill. Although I like doing these posts sequentially in the order I visit places, I’m going to skip over Holy Hill for a bit and continue on with my next church and then the places I visited during vacation.

Have no fear though! I know several of you were looking forward to Holy Hill, and it will appear. Alas, it is a large church with quite a bit of history surrounding all of it. Trying to distill that down into a blog post has been a challenging task, and one I’ll keep working on while I move forward with other churches.

Hope your 2012 is starting off well!


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