Kansas City Missouri Temple Open House Dates Announced

People who have been reading for a while know that I have a fascination with Mormon temples. I’m not Mormon, but 1.7% of Americans are Mormon (for context, another 1.7% of Americans are Jewish), and we had two major Mormon GOP candidates in the primaries this year, so I like being able to understand where Mormons are coming from. Of course, I’m also interested in seeing something when I will rarely have the opportunity to again.

As a quick primer, Mormon temples are the focal point of their faith. They act as a vehicle for their sacraments (called “ordinances”). Because these houses are dedicated to the Lord, only Mormons in good standing with the LDS Church are permitted entrance. For the rest of us, temples can only be visited in one of two scenarios: if a temple has just finished being constructed, or if it has just completed extensive renovation. In either case, an open house will typically be held for visitors. To find out more, see here, and you can read about my trip to the first Mormon temple here.

I first got interested in Mormon temples in the spring of 2010. Indeed, my boyfriend received a few emails from me in April that year about everything I was learning. One of them excitedly proclaimed that we were going to drive to visit the Kansas City Missouri Temple when it held it’s open house, since it was the closest temple under construction.*

After two years of checking their website once a month, open house dates have finally been announced.

From April 7 through April 21 (excluding Sundays), the temple will be open for visitors. Those who wish to take a tour of the temple will need to reserve their free tickets online, which will be set up in the near future. In the meantime, you can see some stunning pictures of the temple by scrolling through here.

Kansas City Missouri Temple (by Valerie Anderson)

* In all fairness, since then, a temple has been announced in Indianapolis, Indiana, which would be quite a bit closer. But they’re still doing the planning and zoning, so it’ll be a while until that temple becomes available. Carpe diem and whatnot.


18 thoughts on “Kansas City Missouri Temple Open House Dates Announced

  1. I’ve been looking forward to the open house in Kansas City since it was announced in 2008, too! It’s why I started following the KC Temple Chaser blog. 🙂 I’ve done some research and am expecting the tickets to be available in March. I’ll try and let you know as soon as I hear about it!

    Even though I’m Mormon myself, I like to learn about Catholicism. Most of my dad’s family and a lot of my friends are Catholics to varying degrees so it’s nice to see what our belief systems have in common. Which is why I started following your blog! 🙂

    I just read through some of your previous posts on Mormon temples and I greatly appreciate your respect in presenting the facts you find. A couple of years ago, the LDS church did a special edition of their monthly magazine focusing on temples. It includes articles about the importance of them and the process members go through in preparation for entering and receiving the endowment. You may find it interesting or helpful.
    You can read or listen to the articles by following this link:
    The paper version includes authorized images of the exteriors and interiors of some of the temples around the world. You can purchase it for $2 by following this link:

    • Thanks so much Seashmore! Any chance you’re going to the open house in Kansas City too? ^_^ It would be fun to meet up!

      Also, the articles you linked to are great! I’m in the midst of some deadlines right now, but I will definitely delve into them a bit more later. And the book is nice. I’d like to compile all my basilica photos like that some day.

      • Allie, I plan on going, but I don’t know when. It depends on my sister’s schedule as well as a training class I have to take at work. I will definitely let you know, though.

        If you ever come visit Winter Quarters in Omaha, I’d love to meet up there, too. (Actually, that goes for anyone!) There’s a wonderful museum/visitor center there focusing on the Mormon Trail. A lot of it is interactive and hands-on. In Council Bluffs (across the MO river), there’s another museum as well as a replica of the Kanesville tabernacle, where Brigham Young was sustained as the 2nd President of the Church.

  2. With your appreciation and reverence for spiritual things, you will very much enjoy your tour of the KC temple. The KC area and the Missouri Valley are rich with LDS history. Independence (just north of KC) especially has early LDS connections as well as being the headquarters of the Community of Christ which traces its origins back to Joseph Smith. My field of study is the 1846-47 “Mormon Battalion” formed by the US Army at the direction of President Polk. That group’s pay helped fund the 1847 Mormon pioneer wagon train to found Salt Lake City. So, KC is a pretty special temple being connected to so many early events in Mormon history.

    • Kevin – this is great information, thank you for sharing it! I was in Hawaii a month ago, and so I had the chance to read about the Japanese battalion formed during WWII. Based on a preliminary overview of Wikipedia, it sounds like the Mormon Battalion offers a similarly interesting look into a microcosm of Army units. I’ve read a little about the importance of Kansas city, particularly from when I visited the Kirtland Temple, but I had no idea as to just how important it was.

  3. Allie,
    I have been waiting my whole life for a temple to be built in the Kansas City area. When it was announced in 2008, we were absolutely thrilled. I grew up in the KC area, and moved away for college, work , etc, but Kansas will always be my home. My family is still there and i go home often. When they announced these dates last week-i bought plane tickets within 24 hours. I really admire your willingness to be open and kind as you learn about things that are so important to so many of us!

  4. Let me suggest a website that will make keeping up-to-date on Mormon temple construction significantly easier: http://www.ldschurchtemples.com. It’s not an official LDS Church website, but it frankly does a much better job than the official site. It always has the latest information on construction news, photos, open house dates, etc.

  5. I too hope you enjoy your visit to the KC temple. I am planning on making a trip out there for the open house…as soon as the tickets open up! Hopefully we can all meet!

  6. Another wonderful article Allie. Missouri is full of LDS history, Independence, Liberty, Far West, …. Many faithful saints lost their lives here too. Nauvoo IL is a must see temple and former LDS pioneer town also.

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