Kansas City Missouri Temple Tickets Open for Reservations!

Go here! Then click on the little “Reserve Now” button near the top right of the main column.

Be forewarned – something is wrong in the system with the dates.* When you select a day, it actually gives you your reservation on the previous day. I’ve tried contacting them through the phone numbers provided, but I keep getting busy tones. So, my Saturday, April 14 reservation shows up as Friday, April 13 on my ticket. If you reserve today, you may want to check back in the coming days to see if that gets fixed.

Update: The system was fixed sometime last night/this morning. If you were affected and cannot reschedule for your intended date and time online, I suggest calling (801-570-0080). The woman I talked to was very helpful. I explained that the remaining times wouldn’t work for us (considering we’ll be driving a considerable distance) and she offered to manually reschedule our time to honor our initial reservation.

So. It sounds like we’ve got our intended date of April 14, 2:15.

* If you’re a nerdy computer scientist like me, you’ll love the opportunity to diagnose a type of off by one error.


4 thoughts on “Kansas City Missouri Temple Tickets Open for Reservations!

  1. You’re going on the 14th?! That’s when my friends and I decided to go down!! I don’t know what time yet, but my guess is sometime around the middle of the day since it’s a 4 hour drive.

  2. Haha, yeah, my boyfriend and I are rocking the 6.5-ish hour drive! I booked our reservation for 2:15, so hopefully it all woks out with the day error…did your ticket book you for the day before too? I’m hoping it’s not just me…

    Be safe on your roadtrip though. Try and find a time near 2:15? ^_^ It would be neat to meet another blogger.

    • I’ll see what I can do to influence our choice of time slot. We’re probably going to be a group of 15+ so we’ve got to call the number. And I agree: it would be awesome to meet another blogger! I hope you and your boyfriend have a safe trip. šŸ™‚

      • At the risk of making a longer tier of comments…

        Call soon! At least for that Saturday, the whole middle of the day is booked up. Have fun though! It’s great that you have a whole group of you going. ^_^

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