Weekend Report

Well, our trip was pretty successful! Busy, but successful. Probably the three biggest hitches were (1) the constant wind that kept threatening to render me indecent in my skirts when taking pictures outdoors (many thanks to my boyfriend, who would step on them while I was crouching down to keep them from flying up), (2) Old St. Patrick’s Oratory was closed, and (3) Eucharistic Adoration ended up being scheduled for the rest of the day after Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (perhaps for Divine Mercy Sunday?), so I only have a few pictures from before Mass. Luckily, St. Louis is a day’s trip from my boyfriend’s, so we will most definitely be back to put together a more thorough post!

Also, the weather was about as wonderful as we could have hoped for given the forecast, so many thanks for those who prayed. Aside from four hours of nasty rain during the initial drive to Kansas City, we just had ominous clouds the whole weekend. At least until we pulled into the driveway when we got home – then it poured. Couldn’t have asked for better timing!


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