Random Thoughts Roundup

A thoughtful piece on modern day architecture in the Catholic Church. Although there are many churches which have adopted the minimalist approach that is often criticized by more traditional Catholics, there are also some which are looking to integrate the grandeur of the Church’s architectural history with the clean leans of modernism.

Epic Systems is the local (to Madison) software company that builds healthcare products. When they were researching how to build their new auditorium (it’s still under construction, but will seat 11,000+ when it’s done), they actually flew their designers out to the Salt Lake City (Mormon) Tabernacle for inspiration. If you’re not familiar with Epic, they’re a company that will draw inspiration from anywhere. Their campus is whimsical, with decoration themes ranging from the circus to Indiana Jones to Dungeons and Dragons. You can see pictures of their campus here.

Finally, Father Z had a post earlier this month about an invaluable relic that the Cathedral Shrine in St. Paul, Minnesota recently came in possession of – a piece of the stone from St. Paul’s sarcophagus! And if that wasn’t amazing enough, he has an update at the top of the post about how Catholics will be able to receive the same indulgences by visiting the church as visiting St. Paul’s Outside-the-Walls, a major basilica. Sounds like they have become an affiliated basilica to me…


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